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Introducing the Revolutionary Direct DC48V HVAC System with Advanced Humidity Controls

Step into the future with our cutting-edge direct DC48V HVAC solution for unmatched efficiency. Harness the power of solar energy for off-grid operation, ensuring year-round comfort with minimal monthly costs. Our system is designed to be carbon-friendly, low voltage, highly efficient, and safe, redefining what HVAC can be. ADC AIR is the perfect efficiency solutions for commercial, multi-unit residential, hotels, schools and residential homes.

Simple installation and benefit up to 50% greater efficiency compared to outdated systems. Qualify for numerous tax credits, incentives, and rebates, making this investment even more compelling and affordable. With innovative financing options like "energy as a service," you can enjoy advanced HVAC technology with little to no upfront cost.

Explore the ADC AIR Product Line:

AI-Enabled Geothermal Heat Pump: Revolutionizing HVAC with intelligent, geothermal control. (Product Pending

Advanced Air-to-Water Heat Pump: Ready to set new standards in energy efficiency and performance. (Market Ready)

Embrace the future of HVAC and transform your environment with our market leading ADC AIR product line. ​​


The Future Is Here
Experience the Unimaginable

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